16.02.2021 - ONLINE

Building a Shopping List with a Sprinkle of Intelligence

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06:00 pm - 08:00 pm CET


Teams Online Meeting

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Sandro Speth

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador

Malte Reimann

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador

Together we will build a chatbot.

No prior knowledge about chatbots needed to join this workshop, where we will build a shared shopping list as a chatbot using the Microsoft Bot Framework.

The chatbot uses the LUIS API for natural language processing to find out the user's intent (add an item, mark item as done, remove an item, ...) and entities (5 kg bananas, three apples, 2 litres of orange juice, ...). If any information is missing, the bot is starting a dialogue with the user(s) to retrieve the remaining information needed. Afterwards, the Azure Function for the respective intent is called which operates (add, update, delete) on a Cosmos DB.

Bot Framework, LUIS, Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

The schedule looks as follows:

  • Introduction and Motivation Scenario
  • Part 1: Chatbot and LUIS
    • Short theory
    • Code together
  • Part 2: Azure Functions and Cosmos DB
    • Short theory
    • Code together
  • How we prepared for the workshop
  • Q&A